- Jun 30, 2018-

As a professional computer embroidery enterprise, computer embroidery has more than 10 years of embroidery production experience. In recent years, the enterprise has made several embroidery techniques, such as embroidery standard, toothbrush embroidery, beads embroidery, bead piece embroidery, flat embroidery, convex embroidery, hollow embroidery and special embroidery, through continuous improvement of embroidery technology and quality management. The best of all. While consolidating traditional sales channels, Zhan Yi computer embroidery also accelerates the Internet to catch electricity and constantly develops new ways of sales.

AliexpressB2C electronic business platform, the main position of "Internet shock". "Internet age, not only full of challenges, but also all over the opportunity, only comply with the trend of the times development, the initiative to achieve its own products, technology and marketing model transformation and upgrading, to bend over the car, win the market," we say, in these years, computer embroidery in the transformation of the level of hard work, B2C e-commerce flat. Aliexpress has found new marketing channels for the transformation and upgrading of the company. With the advantages of high activity of Aliexpress platform, wide coverage of industry coverage, accurate matching of business opportunities, ultra-low customer cost and super government subsidy, the company has brought a steady stream of orders for the company, and completely rounded the brand influence of exquisite art.