Motorcycle Club Leather Jacket Patches

- Mar 05, 2019-

Motorcycle Club Leather Jacket Patches Iron On It

More and more people ask for us that why our factory produce embroidery patch but not have Motorcycle Leather Jacket?

Because of our products is about many Motorcycle Club patches, they buy the patches from us and then need put this mc patches on their cloth, so some customer always ask " Do you have also sell Leather jacket like your photo shown?" 

We refuse many customer for this but now, we have now! We have our own Leather Jacket for motorcycle club. We use good quality and put our patches on it then sell to our VIP customer for cheap price, they are so happy!

They tell their friend and friend tell friend then so many people need this leather jacket with our patches, our factory produce for day and night. The machine worker so tired and tell me that he must be die due to many orders, it is a joke but I know he was so happy for this bussy work.

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