Tajima Embroidery Patch

- May 26, 2018-

Now has the new Japan Tajima (Tajima) embroidery machine, the new South Korean SWF embroidery machine a total of 30, large Tie machine, the edge of the machine, laser cutting machine, Daomo machine, and professional open system and more than 30 open from Version of the technical staff, engaged in computer embroidery in Taiwan for more than 20 years of history, in 2009 to invest and set up factories in China, Dongguan, China has become a professional armband production plant, now has the new Japan Tajima embroidery machine.

When the quantities more, our machine can works day by night then can produce many patches.

Machines often need to be repaired and it costs a lot of money to maintain, so the machine can produce 

high quality embroidery patches.

plan embroidery patch.jpg