- Mar 04, 2019-

The summer will be coming, every year we wear same cloth with hot summer sometime we buy new 

cloth for new style, but some of cloth still very nice so we don't want to throw away, we just have a good idear about it.

If you have a black or white T-shirts, you can use embroidered patches badges for sew on the cloth, also can be iron on backing, see below picture we just DIY it,

Firstly you need a shirt and Take out the embroidery patches.

Clean the part that is going to be ironed on, put the patch on the right part. 

Put the side with heat seal backing directly on the T-shirt.

Adjust the temperature of the iron to 150 degrees.

Iron the patch on force backward and forward for about 15-25 seconds.

After about 10 minutes when the patch turns cold, check if it is fixed strongly. if not, try again as above same ways. 

Then you can DIY every patches you want on it. That's beautiful and unmatched.

The photo is take from mine and DIY by myself.


Bakcing embroidery patches