Production Process Of Embroidery Standard

- Apr 06, 2018-

Method 1: choose an embroidered label with filler needle, stretch it like a felt in embroidery embroidery, and then start embroidery. Cut out the flower pattern. You needn't cut it very close, as long as it can be. When the electric iron is burned along the side, the wool on the side will melt and shrink along the edge of the computerized embroidery line after high temperature, so as to achieve the effect of preventing the scattered edges. Put your embroidery logo down on a few layers of paper towels, then put a piece of back glue on it to heat it to the back of the embroidered mark, and the paper towel will absorb the back glue that is beyond the embroidered part. Now, embroidered badge and embroidery label are ready, and you can iron your clothes. If you want to often wash your clothes, gum is the best choice. If you don't want your standard permanently attached to the embroidered clothes, then brush a few times on the gum.

Method 2: choose an embroidered label and make an outline along the outer edge, such as round 2~4 mm flat pin.

It doesn't need to fill the flower pattern very well. It can be quite loose. For example, if you like, you can use the letter like that. Choose a thick cloth that you like, then embroider your flower pattern, and make the edges made by the method mentioned above. If you like, you can also cut the scissors near the embroidered line and use the oily marker pen to handle the marginal.