Promotion And Development Of Embroidery

- Mar 12, 2019-

Promotion and Development of Embroidery

Inheritance, promotion and development are the direction for us to hold high the banner of cultural rejuvenation, and are the necessary conditions for the Chinese nation to stand at the top of the world. 

Our ancestors left us a rich historical legacy. We should learn to protect and inherit it, and integrate it into modern life through promotion, so as to further develop it. 

Recently, the Women's Federation of Eqian Banner and the Mongolian Embroidery Inheritance and Development Association of Ordos celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the association and the Mongolian Embroidery Competition Exhibition was held in Langtengliao National Handicraft Embroidery Factory in the Cultural Industrial Park.

More than 30 members of the Mongolian Embroidery Inheritance and Development Association of Ordos participated in the competition and exhibition.



This competition is fair and impartial. 

It is judged by the way of on-site display and unified scoring. The exhibited works, including bowl bags, snuff bottles, needle and thread bags and small hanging pieces, show Mongolian women's good spiritual outlook of creating income with fingertips, promoting poverty alleviation, protecting national cultural achievements with confidence, and pursuing the dream of a new era with faith. 

On the exhibition site, many exquisite national embroidery works with meticulous embroidery, unique color matching and exquisite composition were favored by the judges.

Finally, one first prize, two second prize and five third prize were awarded, 10 prizes were encouraged, and the participants presented prizes for the winners. 

After the evaluation, the participants exchanged discussions with the participants on Mongolian embroidery technology and the protection and inheritance of national culture, and encouraged the vast number of craft enthusiasts to practice national handicraft, create more excellent national cultural works, so that the national culture can blossom brilliantly in the development of the flag.


The event highlighted the infinite charm of the intangible cultural heritage of the Eqian Banner, strengthened the cultural confidence of the vast number of craft enthusiasts, stimulated their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, and embodied the spirit of unity and cooperation among all ethnic groups to build their homeland. 

At the same time, the holding of the competition and exhibition will build a good platform for the inheritance and development of Mongolian traditional embroidery culture in the front banner of Hubei Province. 

It will help the national cultural enthusiasts to better understand and learn Mongolian traditional embroidery culture, promote the implementation of the strategy of poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization in the front banner of Hubei Province, and write a new chapter of the era in which the people of all ethnic groups in the front banner of Hubei Province are uplifting and striving for success.