Rock Machine Motorcycle Embroidery Biker Patch

- May 15, 2018-

Do you know the MC biker patch about Rock Machine?

Yes, this patches we sales many below is our this products information:

Top and bottom rocker size is about 45cm wide

Middle patch size is about 28cm wide

Side rocker size is about 30cm wide

Black twill fabric with iron on backing and 75%emb

How to Iron the patches on your clothes?

1. Take out the embroidery patch and the clothes, bags or hats that will be ironed on. And get the Iron on ready.

2. Clean the part that is going to be ironed on. put the patch on the right part of clothes or bags. Put the side with heat seal backing on the parts directly.

3. After the iron's temperature gets 150 degrees, iron the patche on force backward and forward for about 15-25 seconds.

4. After about 15 munites when it turns colod, check whether it is fixed, if not, try again in the same process.