School Sports Meeting

- Mar 13, 2019-

School Sports Meeting

At the school sports meeting, students arrange traditional embroidery culture into dance.

If we want to carry forward the traditional craft, we must start from the children. 

School education and training is the best way, especially in adolescence. 

Every year at the university sports meeting, you can always see a lot of novel square display, but through the performance of embroidery and modern dance, I don't know if you have seen it. 

Recently afternoon, the opening ceremony of the school sports meeting of Chongqing Vocational and Technical College of Engineering is being held. More than 80 students of the Institute of Finance, Economics and Trade brought the dance "embroidering square circle" to a stunning appearance, which won the applause of more than 10,000 teachers and students.

More than 80 students, dressed in red and white traditional costumes, danced with embroidery cloth in hand. 

During the performance, they also spelled "benevolence, righteousness, propriety, letter and harmony" to show the essence of Chinese traditional culture. 

Talking about the reasons for choreographing this dance, Tang Xiaoyan, one of the main creators of the dance and Dean of the School of Finance, Economics and Trade of Chongqing Engineering Vocational and Technical College, introduced that many people are relatively unfamiliar with traditional embroidery culture. 

In order to inherit and promote excellent culture, they thought of embedding embroidery culture into dance. "The greatest highlight of dance is the integration of the essence of traditional culture, while taking modern expression as the carrier, arousing the resonance of teachers and students on traditional culture through dance, and enhancing the cultural self-confidence of contemporary college students."