Suzhou Embroidery2

- May 10, 2018-

After liberation, the Suzhou embroidery artists carry forward the traditional innovation. The famous artist Gu Wenxia and Li Eying (all of them are the students of Jin Jing Finn) have inherited the excellent tradition of Suzhou embroidery. They are better than blue, more skilled in skills, more skillful in embroidery, and a new contribution to the cultivation of new Chinese embroidery.In 1956, Gu Wenxia's embroidered cat show in London, and her own technical performance in London, shocked the British Isles.

Qi needle is the basis of various needles, line arrangement is uniform and neat, it is one of the basic needles. The needles seem to be in disorder. In fact, there are laws in chaos.It can be said that Suzhou embroidery technology has been further developed and improved in the new works that reflect the style of the times. As a whole, the products are still mainly decorated with interior decoration products. In addition to the needs of the domestic people, the products are sold to nearly more than 60 countries and regions in Japan, Italy, Morocco, New Zealand and the United States.