Take The Photo For Patches

- Feb 26, 2019-

A person's life is like a long, long movie, and the camera, like a screenshot tool, intercepts certain scenes in life, but the people who record it are different. It may be that you record the scene you saw, or it may be that someone else recorded the mood for you at the moment.

So when our machine produce the embroidered patches done we will take a good photo for it.

We use professional photography studio to make the products more perfect.

Our colleague Phil tell me that he queried on the Internet to see if the blind person would dream. He saw a message on a website seven years ago: "I am very happy to ask someone like this. I was born blind, but I will dream. I will dream about people I know. In my mind, the touch and sound of their faces are exactly the same as in reality. The only question I doubt is, is the blue in my mind the same as the blue in the eyes of others?" I do not know how can I say but I just silence.