Thanks For The Support Of New And Old Customers

- Jun 28, 2018-

More and more people come to our shop to inquire about custom patches. The reason is the customers who purchased our products have found that our quality is very good and very cheap after receiving the product. Therefore, they all gave our shop good feedback, some said "Amazing quality" Some say "A++++" is very grateful to the customer's enthusiasm and recognition for us, let us rise to the first place in the Aliexpress platform's search rankings, such achievements can not be separated from the customer's support, once again thank the old and new Customer support! Embroidery patch will serve the broad masses of people, merrowed border, Velcro, iron on, and even sequins in a variety of ways. We can customize for you, tell us your design, size and quantity, we will quote a best price and discounts for you. We look forward to your cooperation with us.