The Advantages And How To Use The Embroidery Stickers

- Apr 16, 2018-

The merits of the embroidered chapter:

Unlike traditional embroidery, it is easier to match the clothing. Based on the traditional embroidery, the speed of the production of the complex process, the high price, the single garment processing, is more easy to close to the company's clothing LOGO, clothing coding and so on. The appearance of embroidered chapter is beneficial to the many styles of clothing, and the trouble brought about by the quantity of the production. In the transportation, there is no need for the whole batch of clothing to be transported to the factory, and the expense of the freight is greatly saved.

Making methods:

Embroidery stamp category is divided into unglued embroidery stamp and embroidered embroidery stamp. In the practice and traditional computerized embroidery methods, embroidery cut or hot cut into embroidered block. The production of embroidery stamp is basically completed on the back of compound hot melt hot glue.

The use of embroidery stamp:

1: Without gum chapter embroidery, stitched the edge position can be fixed to the chapter embroidered dress.

2: the embroidered chapter of the back glue is fixed in the position needed in the dress, then it is heated by a pressing machine or a scald until the gum is dissolved with the clothes, and the embroidered chapter is not easy to fall off in the condition of washing water or normal washing. As in repeated washing off again after the re pressing compound can be added back.