The Advantages Of Computer Embroidery1

- Apr 19, 2018-

Computer embroidery is mainly used to embroider clothing marks; art flowers; some embroidered embroidery can be embroidered from embroidery machine, the brand is embroidered on the embroidery logo, printing is also, the printing is not easy to fall after washing ink! And embroidery will not (this is the advantage) embroidery itself It is a kind of art, but the meaning of the art is changed gradually after the appearance of the embroidery machine. The computer embroidery itself has become the product of the combination of art, technology and technology.

Print embroidery software can quickly draw various kinds of graphics, and files can be read very fast. For more than 200 megabytes of large files, such as carpet patterns, the reading time takes only a few seconds. It can not only record the manuscript itself, but also fully record all the information related to the flower manuscript, such as turning back, net shape, mesh, size percentage, pattern class and so on. It provides a database for users with technology, technology and management information. It is very practical. A compression rate of more than 10 times is equivalent to multiplying memory, so that the system can be overrun when memory is not enough. You can easily read out the special pattern that the general system can not read, and the accuracy can be higher. Because of the full vector image operation, the image is rotated and enlarged, and the boundary is smooth without sawtooth. Therefore, the ideal image quality and editing freedom can be obtained.