The Cloth Stickers Make Your Dress New

- Apr 10, 2018-

Do you know how to make  your old dress or cloth to be new one? We have good idear for this, see as below:

Cloth paste also known as flower, the original meaning is the clothing used to repair the cloth, now refers to the Mao Xianqiu, such as the arcane, cowboy embroidery, embroidery cloth paste, lace sleeve, gold thread embroidery badge, is a kind of ornamental accessories.

The earliest cloth patch is to mend the damaged clothes, and then the pattern is made up on the clothes by skillful hand, that is, it is a cloth paste, gradually evolved into a cloth paste, an ancient folk art variety.

Cloth paste is the foot of the clothing, according to the intention of the people to collage the handicrafts, different uses are very wide, so far more than 1500 years of history, is called "magic Oriental unique art."

It is also a form of embroidery. It uses the remaining edges and corners of the clothes to break up the material on the bottom cloth to form each pattern. First, paste it with paste, then stitch the stitch along the edge of the pattern, and fix it and make the detail.

If you have old cloth jeans and you don't want to throw away then you can try this way, it will be like new one.