The History Of Embroidery Han Dynasty

- Apr 17, 2018-

The History Of Embroidery Han Dynasty

In the Han Dynasty, embroidery began to reveal the beauty of art. Because the economy is prosperous, all industries thrive, silk weaving industry is particularly well-known, and when the social tycoon rises to form a new consumer class, embroidered supply and demand have to flourish. 

Not only has it been popularized by the public, but also hand-embroidery has become specialized. In particular, the skills are making rapid progress. 

From the perspective of unearthed objects, embroidered workers are exquisitely crafted with various patterns and beautiful and beautiful scenes. 

This can be regarded as an outstanding tradition for this national craft.

In the Han Dynasty, Wang Chong's "Lunheng" recorded "Qijunshi embroidery, and the permanent woman was undeniable", which was enough to explain the popularization of embroidery skills and production at that time. 

Because of the maturity of the embroidery process, the Han Dynasty has virtually started to distinguish between the levels and types of people who use embroidery. 

Although embroidery is produced by the working people in labor, most of the working people cannot afford high-end silk embroidery products. . 

The ordinary working people can only embroider clothes, shoes, and other real items with simple embroidery techniques in their lives.

The most representative is the embroidered fragments unearthed from the Mawangdui Han Tomb in Changsha, Hunan Province. 

Although they have been buried underground for thousands of years, they are exquisitely exquisite, and coloring and needlework are used to the right extent. 

Let us modern embroiderers. We are ashamed. Han Dynasty's embroidery process is also very developed in Shandong, and has long been the general work of folk women. The Qiang embroidery in Chengdu, Sichuan is also very beautiful in the Han Dynasty. 

This shows that the embroidery process has become very popular in the Han Dynasty.

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