The History Of Embroidery Tang dynasty

- Apr 18, 2018-

Tang dynasty

Embroidery is widely applied in the Tang Dynasty, and there are new developments in acupuncture. 

Embroidery is usually used as decoration for clothing products, exquisite workmanship and gorgeous colors. It is reflected in the literature and poetry of Tang Dynasty. 

Such as Li Bai's poems, "Emerald golden thread, embroidered song and dance clothes", Bai Juyi's poetry, "Red Mansions, rich women, golden hamstrings" are all for embroidery. Embroidery in the Tang Dynasty not only served as clothing articles, but also used for embroidering Buddhist sutras and statues, serving for religion. 

The needles of embroidery in the Tang Dynasty not only used the traditional braid embroidery since the Warring States period, but also used various needles such as flat embroidery, dot embroidery, pleat embroidery and so on. 

And tuck stitch also known as halo retreat embroidery, namely modern called stitch closure. It can show different gradations with deep and shallow changes, and make the objects of description colorful and magnificent, with strong decorative effect.