The History Of Embroidery Yuan dynasty

- Apr 20, 2018-

Yuan dynasty

The ornamental production of Yuan Dynasty was far less than that of the Song Dynasty, but it also inherited the realistic style of embroidery in the Song Dynasty. 

The Yuan people who entered the Central Plains set up embroidery Bureau and Luo Bureau throughout the country, and the aesthetic and function of embroidery tended to be fine arts. The emergence of Buddhist themes began in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and the main pattern was Bao Xiang Hua. 

Song embroidery is only famous for calligraphy and painting, and there are occasional Buddhist embroidery. In order to deny the first status of Confucianism, Kublai, the Yuan Dynasty, advocated Tibetan Buddhism and the revival of Buddhism in Central Plains.However, the embroidery bureau still works along the Song Dynasty, embroidering celebrities, paintings or flowers and sketching. In the secret collection of the Qing Dynasty, he said, "the yuan man uses a slightly thicker line, and the needle is not dense. He uses ink to describe the eyebrows."