The History Of Embroidery6

- Apr 21, 2018-

The Ming Dynasty was an era of extremely developed handicraft in China. The embroidery of the fine foundation of the Song Dynasty complied with the warm atmosphere of the times and continued to flourish.

The embroidery technology of the Ming Dynasty also showed a number of features:

First, the use of various sectors of the popular society, the production of everything, and later Qing Dynasty, became the most popular style of embroidery in Chinese history.

Second is the embroidery art, general practical embroidery, general improvement in quality, excellent material improvement, skillful and skillful and skillful, and a tendency to vary from the Song Dynasty to the luxuriant style of the Song Dynasty; art embroidery, under the excellent tradition of song embroidery, can bring forth new inventions, especially the Ming Dynasty has appeared in the Ming Dynasty with the embroidery profession and the family of the world. As the famous "Lu Xiang Garden" embroidery, created by the Shanghai family, the embroidery works of the combination of embroidery and embroidery are all the rage, and the embroidery has risen widely by the society and is the most prosperous in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty.

Thirdly is the derivative of other types of embroidery, embroidery originally only silk thread as the material, the Ming Dynasty began to try to use other materials, so there are transparent embroidery, hair embroidery, paper embroidery, paste embroidery, stamp yarn embroidery, Ping Jinxiu and so on, greatly expanded the category of embroidery art.

The embroidery of the Ming Dynasty is the most novel and prominent. The embroidery thread is counted by double strand twisting, embroidered according to the yarn hole of square hole yarn, mainly based on geometric pattern, or with the main flower. Sprinkled embroidery is the predecessor of the line of nanowire. It belongs to the northern embroidery. It is made of three threads, thread, twisting line, plume line, peacock feather line, Flower Clip line, 6 kinds of thread and 12 needlework. It is a fine embroidery of the Ming Dynasty. Northern embroidery includes Shandong embroidery, embroidered embroidery and embroidery.