The Influence Of The Outer Migration Of The Garment Processing Link

- May 07, 2018-

Since 2007, the profit space of textile and garment export enterprises has been severely squeezed by the RMB appreciation, export tax rebates and the increase of the labor force and the price of raw materials. Most enterprises are on the edge of small profits or losses, the impact of the United States subprime crisis is still continuing, and the economy of the United States dollar is not vibrant. The demand for textile and clothing has been obviously restrained. Since this year, the export performance of textile and garment products in China continues to be depressed. In addition to the increase in the influence of Spring Festival factors in March, the growth of other months is below 2% or even negative growth.

Industry insiders say that the export growth of textile yarn, fabric and products is faster than that of garment export growth and garment export growth, which reflects the obvious influence of the exportation of our garment processing links.

Since India, Vietnam, Kampuchea and Bangladesh have taken the textile and garment industry as an important supporting industry in recent years, it has a stronger labor cost advantage in India, Kampuchea and Bangladesh. China, especially the Guangdong textile enterprise, has accelerated the relocation of the textile and garment industries in China, and the Chinese textile enterprises in Kampuchea have invested more than 40. There are 0, and nearly 100 in Bangladesh.