The Main Features Of The Bead Embroidery Technology

- May 14, 2018-

1, give full play to the special effect of the decorative image of pearl embroidery

The decorative image of pearl embroidery is made up of beads, beads and pearls, which is based on point as the basis, using dots to form lines and lines, and makes use of different thickness, different density, different directions, different types of beads, different sizes, different sizes, different colors and chromatic aberrations. The same decorative effect.

2. Make full use of the glittering effect of the beads

Bead embroidery is a embroidered fabric floating on the fabric. It has strong expressive power on the flashing color of beads, beads and bead tubes. Embroidery thread is not the main form of expression but embroidery. In order to achieve strong scintillation effect, silk fabrics or mesh cloth are generally used.

3, highlight the beautiful refraction effect of the Pearl film

Yan Rui products are rich in substrates, and all kinds of beads have different effects and conditions of refraction and color. Yan Rui uses materials such as beads and diamonds, making full use of the change of the bevel and the direction of refraction, so as to achieve the best scintillating effect of bead embroidery.