The Patches Are Fantastic

- Jan 16, 2018-

My little sister have a nice dress, she wearing it but today she crying, then I know her dress have broken due to she fell down, then I give her a good idear how do make the dress to be new one.

Dress in the body, inevitably bumps, sewing, but again good needlework, also can not be damaged place restored as ever, had to use some small pudding to block, in what all pursue the pursuit of beauty now, small patches also, decorate suitable, is also a great clothes patterns!

Leather is always wear-resistant and durable, but broken is also the most difficult to repair the clothes, you must use the same strong enough cloth stickers to do!

Think clothes are too mediocre, easy to hit a shirt? Add some small flowers to yourself, beautiful yourself diy! 

Clothes on the origin of the pattern, are to highlight the most attractive part of their personality!

Badges with a distinct personality, is advertised fashionable young people will like a self-logo, to choose a suitable logo for themselves, said loudly, I have my shape!