The Process Of Making Embroidered Patches 2

- Apr 10, 2018-

The Process Of Making Embroidered Patches

Now it is the turn of the pattern maker to use a special machine or computer to print the flower version. 

There are many ways to guide this specialized machine: from tape to disc, the pattern maker will be familiar with this machine in his factory. 

In today's world, all types of patterning tapes can be easily converted to any other format, no matter what format it was previously.

At this stage, the human factor is the most important. Only those who are highly skilled and experienced are the badge designers. 

People can verify pattern-making belts by various means. 

For example, on a shuttle, using a proofing machine that can make samples, the pattern-maker can keep watching the embroidery being embroidered. When using a computer, the sample is only made after the pattern tape is actually tested on the prototype and cut.

Therefore, the pattern maker can not careless, but you can use the monitor to check the status of the pattern.

Sometimes, the customer needs to see if the sample is satisfactory, and the machine operator needs the sample to check how his product is.

Spread the appropriate fabric on the frame, select the appropriate thread, insert the pattern band or disc into the tape reader, position the embroidery frame at the correct starting point, and then start the machine. 

The computer-controlled automatic color-changing device should stop the machine and change the needle automatically when the pattern needs to change colors and change needles. 

This process does not end until the embroidery task is completed.