The Process Of Making Embroidered Patches3

- Apr 11, 2018-

Step 5: Now remove the fabric from the machine and spread it on a countertop for trimming and finishing. In the embroidery process, since the stitching of the individual parts is accelerated, the needles are not pierced by the fabric or the floating needles caused by the color change, etc., they are cut off, and then the badges are cut and taken away. This is the "manual cut" on the shuttle, but on the multi-head machine, both in the embroidery process and when the scissors are at this point, they are cut off together as a whole.

Embroidered badges on the shuttles do not need to be laid on the countertops, but they are cut by hand directly from the fabric on the part of the badge, and the other part is still attached to the fabric. The floats on the entire badge are trimmed by a thread trimmer. This is a time-consuming job.

An automatic thread trimmer can be selected on the multi-head machine to speed up the process. When the embroidery is in progress, the thread can be trimmed. This eliminates the need for manual thread trimming and greatly saves time.

Step 6: Now, the fabrics are sorted or oversized according to their size and added to the hot-printed film or liner. At this time, the fabric remains a single piece.