The Process Of Making Embroidered Patches 4

- Apr 12, 2018-

Cut off the badge. If the shape of the badge is irregular, it must be cut by hand.

If the embroidered edge of the badge is symmetrical, both hand and die cutting can be used. The die-cutting pressure depends on the water pressure or the stamping of the hand. The molds are made after they are lining the badges.

Considering the elasticity of the fabric being embroidered, the fabric tensions on the frame, as well as the tension of the needle passing back and forth through the fabric and the tension of the thread. 

All badges must be individually cut off. Many plants use rapid block cutting or laser cutting methods, but they are not very effective. Therefore, the badge can only be cut one at a time. In the process, put a bad badge aside.

There is no way to avoid the wear of the edge of the badge when you cut it with your hand. A hot-printed pad can solve some problems, but even if you scrape your fingernails along the edges, you may loosen some lines. It is best to use a laser to cut out shaped badges.

In order to cut the edge of the badge well, die-cutting should be used. Requires non-woven materials such as Pellon or plastic or hot stamping and similar stickers for badges. 

One approach many years ago was that before the fabric was removed from the frame, the fabric was still on the machine, and it was lined with a wet starch adhesive, dried overnight and then die-cut.