Making Embroidered Patch Packing

- Apr 13, 2018-

Making Embroidered Patch Packing

The die-cut badge finally asks for wrapping. The seaming or edging is done on a separate edging machine. Only symmetrical emblems are self-enclosed in this way. The edger puts each badge on the guide and opens the switch for wrapping. 

The seaming is a real lock stitch at the edge of the badge, so there is no wear. The edger turned on the edge machine, 1/4 inch from the starting point, and then cut it, leaving a tail.

The number of needles per inch can be set, sometimes by contract. The U.S. government made a request for the minimum number of stitches per inch. Place aside the damaged badge.

It is difficult to hem some flat fabrics. It requires some practical padding to make it strong and strong.

The edge machine in this industry is a standard machine.

With special parts such as a short presser foot, a short feed dog and an edge guide, speeds of up to 5500 spm can be achieved. The edger puts a badge on the edge guide at a time and begins wrapping at a pre-selected point. Start the machine, wrap the edges of the badge and press the edges. 

If the badge is rectangular, stopping the machine to the other side at each edge corner will increase its cost.

To leave a 3-inch tail so that the end does not open, leave a small tail when starting the next badge. When the operator completes the wrapping of each badge, they cut it off.