What Are The Miao Embroidery Pieces

- Jan 16, 2018-

What Are The Miao Embroidery Pieces

Embroidered film is the local Miao used in clothing decorations, now made of embroidered tablets can be used for home decoration or furnishings, but also for collectibles, embroidery is Miao women's expertise. 

Many of the works are highly skilled, peculiar shape, imagination rich, strong tone, the characteristics of simple style. 

Embroidery needle Many, there are flat embroidery, convex embroidery, braid embroidery, heap flowers, crepe embroidery, embroidery, such as more than 10 kinds, have a high appreciation of the value of art.

Miao Embroidery pattern tonal variety, Songtao area to flowers, birds, insects, fish mainly, like pink, turquoise, purple color, more pure. 

Qiandongnan More to the dragon, fish, butterflies, pomegranate for the pattern, hi red, blue, pink, purple and other colors. 

Central Guizhou region like with long, rectangular, slash and other sets of geometric patterns, hi red, green, polyester and blue color.