What Causes The Deviation Of Computer Embroidery

- Jun 16, 2018-

First, in the process of playing, the bottom line is too close to the edge of the object.

Two. The line used for the bottom is too thin or the angle is not right, so the cloth can not be well fixed.

Three, due to the repeated use of double sided adhesive tape in the production process, the viscosity is reduced, and the cloth can not be fixed.

Four. When printing, it should be played from the center to the periphery as far as possible, so that it is more stable in the production process.

Five, because the cloth underneath the paper is too thin, not lining well.

Six, due to the deterioration of the machine aging accuracy caused by walking, such as: the same batch of embroidery, some normal, some walk;

Seven, to take into account the overall rationality of the needle, such as not in a place to take a single needle, and then run straight away from the single needle to a large flower, and then return back with a bag to wrap the single needle, such a place is very common, the software can not be seen, on the embroidery machine changed;

Eight, increasing the number of wire replacement, although it will reduce production efficiency, but the possibility of walking will be reduced a lot, see how you combine the two.

Nine. Due to the fluff on the surface of cloth, it is obvious that the cloth is pasted on the flannel.

Ten, the embroidery machine should not be too strong, but it will change easily.