What Is A Computer Embroidery?

- Jun 20, 2018-

The appearance of embroidered chapter is beneficial to the many styles of clothing, and the trouble brought about by the quantity of the production. In the transportation, there is no need for the whole batch of clothing to be transported to the factory, and the expense of the freight is greatly saved.

Embroidery stamp category is divided into unglued embroidery stamp and embroidered embroidery stamp. In the practice and traditional computerized embroidery methods, embroidery cut or hot cut into embroidered block. The production of embroidery stamp is basically completed on the back of compound hot melt hot glue.

Usage method:

1. There is no embroidered badge for back glue. The edge of embroidered badge is fixed in the position required by clothing with sewing method.

2. The embroidered badge of the back glue is fixed to the position required by the dress, then heated by the press or the iron until the glue is dissolved with the cloth.

The embroidered badge is not easy to fall off when washing or washing normally. For example, after repeated washing and shedding, the adhesive should be re attached and pressed again.

In recent years, a new phenomenon has changed this situation, and textile enterprises have become the biggest "meritorious service" for the rapid development of computer embroidery machine industry. Many textile enterprises that produce cloth have forced them to find a new profit growth point because of the lower profits. Many textile enterprises have put the profit growth point on the embroidery. The price of pure cloth can reach 10 yuan / m or even higher after the sale of 5 yuan / meters, which greatly improves the production of these enterprises. The added value of the product. Because of the large output and strong financial strength of textile enterprises, the introduction of computerized embroidery machines is often a large order of hundreds of units. Guangdong Province, which has the largest textile and clothing size in China, is now the two most prosperous province in the development of computer embroidery machine. From this, it is not difficult to see that the market plays a role in the development of an industry. Zhejiang is relying on the neighboring Xiaoshan, the two big cloth market, coupled with the active local private economy, in just a few years, it has become the production base of more than 40% computer embroidery machines in the country. Guangdong is also a concentrated area of foreign-funded and private computer embroidery machine enterprises. The formation of this situation has also benefited from the local textile material market.