What Is About Digital Printing Technology

- Apr 24, 2018-

Digital printing technology is developed with many new technical achievements, such as computer, new materials, precision machinery and so on. It combines the innovative design technology and engineering technology, which can be said to be a breakthrough in the traditional printing mode. It is one of the high technology of textile production, and is the fastest developing technology of textile processing.

Digital printing increases year by year

According to statistics, in 2011, there were about 700 kinds of digital inkjet printing machines in China, equivalent to 3.3 times that of 2008. In 2011, the national digital inkjet printing amount was 140 million meters, accounting for 0.86% of the total amount of printing. Compared with the 40 million meters of the national digital ink-jet printing in 2008 and 0.33% of the total amount of printing, there was a great change.

It can be seen from the statistics that the proportion of digital inkjet printing fabric in China's textile printing industry is very small, accounting for less than 1% of the total printing volume. Unlike domestic conditions, the number of digital printing machines abroad is much larger now. Foreign authoritative research report predicts that in 2009 ~2014, the annual compound growth rate of the global textile digital printing machine can reach 23.1%.

The research of digital ink-jet printing in China started relatively late, and the related research was not reported until 1990s, but it is only limited to the exploratory research of some scientific research institutes. In the future development, we should pay attention to the use and innovation of digital printing machines, so that this technology can be integrated into our printing industry and will be used for us.

Most printing and dyeing enterprises are facing the enormous pressure of energy saving and emission reduction, and the advantages of digital printing are beginning to appear. The relevant data show that about 30% of the amount of dye used in printing with traditional printing equipment can not be combined with fiber and is washed away in water washing. The digital printing process uses ink direct injection process, the amount of dye is only about 40% of the traditional dye, and only 5% of the ink is washed away in the post processing. The amount of pollution is only 1/15~1/25 of the traditional printing process. Because the digital printing machine has the advantages of convenience, shortcut, environmental protection and so on, the demand of printing and dyeing enterprises for digital printing machines has been increasing year by year.