What Is Your Impression Of Embroidery

- Mar 16, 2019-

What is your impression of embroidery?

What is your impression of embroidery? Embroidery on handkerchiefs, framed on walls, and embellishments on national costumes.

At the first international biennial Art Exhibition on embroidery theme, which is still opening, not only brings visual impact to the audience, but also breaks many people's inherent concept of embroidery. 

For example, Pakistani artists use silk, cotton and hemp to create terracotta warriors and horses embroidery, which hangs on the wall without frames; Bernard from Germany draws "bread" on oil-stained paper and broken paper with propylene, pastel and fibre; Lin Xia from Taizhou, Zhejiang, uses silk to express her thoughts on life.

"The original embroidery can do this." Many people sighed after watching the exhibition. In China, many embroidery writers follow traditional techniques and patterns to make embroidery works. Many people believe that embroidery works should be framed squarely. 

Reporters in the Chaozhou Museum, Ming Rui Lou and other exhibition areas saw that the works on display are not only exquisite traditional embroidery works, but also modern and novel design; there are a variety of ethnic embroidery art, as well as embroidery products. 

Among them, many embroidery products are closely related to daily life, such as embroidery speakers, embroidery notebooks and other representative elements and symbols in embroidery, which are skillfully integrated into functional and fashionable designs.