Who Is Taller

- Mar 08, 2019-

Jack is one of the man from our company, today due to raining so we can't go to the home.

We just enjoy the time, So I take the photo to Jack and Phil, Phil also is our company seller.

Jack always complain that he not tall, he really like basketball and play basketball every day, but still can not taller like 1.8. 

Phil have more than height 1.8 meters and Jack ask him why you grown up so tall, what are you eat in your child?

Phil laughing and said I just drank milk every day in my young and I like running sport, maybe so I can such tall?

When I heard their conversation I put my hands said I can take a photo that Jack will taller than Phil, do your belive it?

No, we don't belive it. So I just take a photo for him, and then they all surprise it, in the photo the Jack seems have 2 meters even taller than Phil.

The I teach they how to take a good photo for our products embroidery patches.