Why The Computer Embroidery Machine Always Breaks The Line

- May 02, 2018-

Why The Computer Embroidery Machine Always Breaks The Line?

Our Machine work day and night and do not stop, but some time the DST file always have a little problem.

The thickness of the needle is not matched with the embroidery thread. Please choose the same type.

The clamp on the face line is out of order. There may be some garbage in the tightener. Please clean it.

if the clamping plate, thread clip screw hair, three Eyeliner hole hair, needle plate hole hair, positioning hook hair, picking line hole hair, can be used to pull the sand.

the direction of the machine needle slot may not be correct. Adjust the slot direction of the machine so that the slot can be directed to the operator.

the gap between the positioning hook and the shuttle rack gap may not be reasonable, and adjust the clearance.

the hole of the machine is cut quickly, and the needle is replaced.

spin hook tip hair, polishing shuttle hook tip or replacement shuttle.

The tension of the bottom line is too large, and the tension between the press plate and the skin can be adjusted reasonably to make them even.

The surface line is not lubricated, and it is lubricated by silicone oil.

shuttle hair to make the line blocked, use the sand to pull or polish the hair.