Xiang Embroidery Story

- May 11, 2018-

The birthplace of Xiang embroidery is Changsha. 

Changsha has been a famous cultural city since ancient times, and also a center of central and southern China. 

It is located in the tail of Xiangjiang, the beautiful Xiangjiang runs through it, West to Mount Yuelu, and northeast to Jiyang River Plain.

Xiang embroidery, as one of the four famous embroidery of our country and the general name of embroidery arts and crafts centered in Changsha, Hunan, is an embroidery handicraft developed from the essence of embroidery and light embroidery on the basis of Hunan folk embroidery technology, thus forming its own unique style, which emphasizes the writing, simplicity and elegant, and vivid image. 

The characteristic is fine silk, then steamed with the solution of Gleditsia kernels, and then wiped to prevent wool from hairs. The light is better than the hair. It is also called "wool fine embroidery". 

Xiang embroidery is good at using deep and shallow gray and black and white color on color matching. Prominent themes have formed the elegant and elegant quality of Xiang embroidery. 

The traditional themes of Xiang embroidery are lions, tigers, squirrels and so on, especially tiger.