Xiang Embroidery2

- May 12, 2018-

As we all know, in the past half century, Chinese archaeologists have discovered a lot of silk fabrics and textiles, such as linen, brocade and silk, in Hunan, Hubei and other places. Many of them are embroidery. It provides us with rich material materials for the understanding of Chu culture and the silk embroidery of Chu state. A batch of ancient embroidery, buried in the bottom of Hunan and the former Chu area, was unearthed to the world to further understand the origin and origin of Hunan embroidery and its embroidery tradition.

It can be said that Xiangjiang embroidery is an embroidery system with unique style formed in the late Qing Dynasty. The brilliant Chu embroidery and Mawangdui Han Embroidery are not only a chapter of pride and pride in the history of Chinese embroidery, but also the source of the first development of Xiang embroidery.